Why Fiducia

Our purpose is to transform SME financing through technology in Africa. By leveraging the latest technology, we help businesses unlock capital and accelerate their growth. Our vision is to develop a marketplace where millions of African SMEs get their financing.

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Fiducia offers services to support a company’s expansion and overall strength.

Why Fiducia?

Advantages of using Fiducia are;

  • Fiducia is a fast and simple way to access funding for your business, for small and large vendors alike.
  • Fiducia helps you stabilize your supply-chain by significantly improving the cashflow of a corporate’s key vendors.
  • Fiducia creates a new level of liquidity for the corporate and provides a pool of alternate investment opportunities.
  • Quick disbursement (typically within 48 hours of invoice submission) through the platform’s end-to-end process.
  • A seamless process that delivers the funding you need for your business.
  • Fiducia frees vendors and corporates alike from the time-wasting and expensive task of seeking short-term financing from standard channels. This allows them to focus upon their core business.

Our customers love what we do.

Find out why our clients love using Fiducia!

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The Fiducia platform seeks to engender trust among the stakeholders engaged within the supply chain financing ecosystem and, ultimately, trade.

Adebayo Adewolu,

Chief Executive Officer at Trium Ltd.


By offering early payment options to your Suppliers, you can negotiate better terms and secure their loyalty. This can lead to improved pricing and better delivery times, which can ultimately benefit your customers.

Imohimi Aig-Imoukhuede,

Chief Executive Officer at Fiducia.


As inflation rises in Nigeria today, tightening your cash conversion cycle as a business can provide a strong buffer against increasing prices and sustaining a profitable business. The Fiducia Platform offers very important benefits in the existing trade relationship between suppliers and buyers

Chukwuka Amadife,

Chief Operations Officer at Fiducia.