Platform-Enabled Alternative Supply-Chain Finance

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Fiducia has released its Platform-Enabled Alternative Supply-Chain Finance report covering insights into the challenges businesses face along their Supply Chain.

Access to finance is crucial for economic growth, and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a significant role in global economies. However, they face challenges in accessing financing, leading to a finance gap of $5.2 trillion in developing economies.

Figure 2 – Biggest Challenges to Businesses Globally

In Nigeria, MSMEs face an unmet finance gap of over $158 billion due to stringent requirements, limited collateral, high-interest rates, and macroeconomic regulations.

Figure 3 – Reasons Businesses Get Denied Loans

Technological disruptive financing options, such as platform-enabled factoring and reverse factoring, can help bridge this gap and contribute to economic growth and development.

We have partnered with Stears to bring you deep insights into the Supply Chain Financing industry.

The report covers:

  • Understanding the challenge of access to finance for Nigerian businesses.
  • The Role of MSMEs in the Interdependence of Key Supply-Chain Stakeholders.
  • Platform-Based Supply Chain Financing Alternatives.
  • Outlook of Platform-Enabled Alternative Supply Chain Finance Solutions in Nigeria.

Download your copy today and get key insights into how you can finance your Supply Chain effectively.

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